Online Prescription Service

There is a big drive on to get people tested for STIs and there are now a number of organisations that provide this service online. You can even send off for sexual health testing kits that give you the results there and then at home. These types of tests are not as reliable as lab-based tests but they are significantly better than doing nothing at all. But what happens if you buy one of these home STI tests and you get a positive result?  Where do you go from there?  Many of the online services are not backed by doctors so they cannot provide medication for you if you do end up testing positive for something.

If you live in the UK then you can turn up at any NHS hospital with a sexual health clinic attached and get tested and treated on the same day. Clearly people who are buying tests online and waiting a day or two for results have decided that they do not want to use the NHS, so it is pointless advising them to go to the NHS hospital if they get a positive result from a home test. There is a better way and it is also online.

We have been doing a bit of looking around and there is a great service that offers online prescriptions for certain limited conditions but one of the areas that they specialise in is sexual health. The website is run by a team of doctors and they are based in Harley Street. I know that this sounds expensive but they offer the online service for a fraction of what you would pay in a private clinic. We have tested the service out and it is very professional. You can visit this online clinic and register. The website is associated with a pharmacy so the prescription is sent straight to the pharmacy and they send the medication direct to you. If you are shy to have a test face to face then you will be shy about the treatment too. This discreet and professional service provides the final piece of the jigsaw for sexual health testing at home.