Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder Drug Approved

It is about time that the major revolution that countless women have been waiting for has now arrived. Finally, women have a pill they can rely on to get the desired boost to their sex drive that they are unable to achieve otherwise.

Flibanserin is the female equivalent of Viagra (according to press reports but it actually works in a very different way). Previously rejected by the FDA on two occasions, the pink pill has finally made it to the list of approved drugs in the U.S. only recently. This is an amazing piece of news for all women who have been diagnosed with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). You can find out more about Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder here.

How does Flibanserin add colour to your life?

Most commonly referred to as the ‘female Viagra’, this drug works along the same line as antidepressants. It has a quick and long lasting effect on your brain chemistry. Soon after the ingestion of the drug, Flibanserin alters the way your brain chemistry is programmed; quite in the same manner as Serotonin and Dopamine.

The male drug, Viagra, has a relaxing action on smooth muscles and increases the blood circulation to the genitalia making it possible for men to have stronger and well-sustained erections that help them cope with erectile dysfunction. Flibanserin works in a completely different way so the hype is not quite scientifically accurate.

How often do you need to take it?

While Viagra is supposed to be taken an hour or so before engaging in the sexual act, Flibanserin has a different set of directions for it to take effect. For Flibanserin to take effect, it has to be taken daily so that the pill can help achieve a state of serenity within the female body and lower the levels of stress hormones.

Sold by the trade name of Addyi, the pill should be taken with a bit of caution if you tend to indulge in alcohol on occasion. Researchers at the FDA have concluded that Flibanserin, when mixed with alcohol,can have potentially serious side effects.

What are the benefits of the pink pill?

Female sexual dysfunction is the reason that one in ten women do not have a healthy sexual life. The pill has been found to have amazing results at the very beginning of the therapy and many women find that they no longer have any issues having desire or orgasms once they start treatment with this medicine. A majority of the patients being treated with this pill have reported to have developed stronger sexual ties with their partners and no longer report any feelings of anxiety and frustration when it comes to matters of the bedroom.

Are there any side effects?

The pill has been found to cause nausea and lightheadedness in a few patients. But considering its benefits, which greatly outweigh the side effects, the drug has been given a green light by the FDA.

The pill is a relatively safe treatment for all women afflicted with HSDD and is changing the lives of these individuals for the better.

The only bad news is that Flibanserin is not available in the UK and is unlikely to be over here for some time.

For Healthcare Professionals:

We recommend further reading on Female Sexual Dysfunction and its management and the BMJ Best Practice Manual is a good please to start. Here is a link to the relevant page.